Doe Deere, Founder of Lime Crime, Brings Color Back

Doe Deere, a Russian native who moved to the United States when she was only 17, is inspiring women to express themselves as colorfully as they are with her new Make-up company: Lime Crime.


Currently based in Los Angeles, Deere’s Lime Crime states it’s mission as a “Rebellion in Color”. The vibrant and varied colors of her collections are a testament to this. Launched in 2008, Lime Crime has been branded as “Makeup for Unicorns”. With colors that help express the vividness of your own personality in all its multicolored glory, it’s easy to see why.


One of the unique aspects of Lime Crime, as compared to other cosmetic brands, is its digital origins. The company began online, flourished online, and finally moved into physical stores after the brand had already acquired a significant following. Although you can now purchase Lime Crime products in stores across the globe, all of her products are still available online. It makes it too easy to snag new products like the shimmering “Diamond Dew” eyeshadow.


Doe Deere, the creator of Lime Crime, didn’t always dream of being the creator of a make-up company. When she moved to New York City at 17, she had aspirations of becoming a musician. It was through her experiences in the music scene that she learned how to market herself and to appreciate the value of supporters. Deere started marketing her own DIY fashion line on eBay under the username “limecrime”. She modeled everything herself and, due to the colorful nature of her clothing, found herself searching for more vibrantly colored makeup. She found “bright and unusual colors were hard to come by”, and thus, out of necessity, the Lime Crime makeup brand began. Deere sought to have a completely online marketplace for her products, despite industry veterans assuring her it would never work. Yet, Deere’s innovations in online makeup sales have gone on to become industry staples, like the on-lip lipstick swatch.


In a recent interview, Deere says “I think that makeup gives me, and I like to hope other women who buy Lime Crime, the freedom to be myself. The freedom to express themselves without fear of judgement.” She sees makeup as a path towards self-expression and empowerment. With a whole range of unique and bold colors, all vegan and cruelty-free, Deere makes it easy to show the world how bright you really are. Learn more:


Betsy DeVos Focuses Charitable Giving on Education

It’s no accident that Betsy DeVos wound up as Secretary of Education under President Donald Trump. Education has been a passion of hers since she was a young mother. She and her husband, Dick DeVos, son of the cofounder of Amway, visited a private Christian school, The Potter House. They had young children themselves. Thanks to the success of Amway, they could afford to send their children to the best of private schools. At The Potter House, Betsy witnessed how the parents of those students also wanted a good education for their children. Despite their low incomes, they sacrificed to pay the tuition so their children would have an advantage over students in public schools. She and her husband agreed that all children should have the opportunity to learn and develop to their full capacity no matter what income level their families occupied.


They set up the Dick and Betsey DeVos Family Foundation as the vehicle to use for their charitable giving. They donate to a wide variety of different causes and issues, but education is the single most important, getting 49% of the money they donate. Recipients still include The Potter House in Grand Rapids Michigan. She has also tutored children at The Potter House. And there’s the Foundation for Excellence in Education, founded by Jeb Bush. Betsy sat on their board. They support the Success Academy, headed by Eva Moskowitz, a group of charter schools in New York City. They contribute to the Alliance for School School and the American Federation for Children. Because her husband Dick is a pilot, they started the West Michigan Aviation Academy, a charter high school located in Grand Rapids at the Gerald Ford Airport. That gives dedicated students the opportunity to go into aviation as a career field. They might wind up as a pilot, an engineer or running an airport.


Betsy also contributes to support higher education as well. That includes generous donations to such groups as the University of Maryland College Park Foundation, which named an institute for arts management after the DeVoses. They support the School of Missionary Aviation Technology, which has a goal of teaching students to serve God through aviation. It offers undergrad students certificates in aircraft maintenance. The aeronautical theme comes up again because they give to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Plus, family foundation money goes to Ferris State University, Davenport University, Rollins College, Calvin College (Betsy DeVos’ alma mater), the University of Michigan’s Food Allergy Center, Wake Forest University, Weill Cornell Medical Center at Cornell University and the Grand Rapids Community College Foundation. Dick and Betsy are Christians who often support Christian related charities as well, including the Ada Christian School Society, Grand Rapids Christian School Association, the Rehoboth Christian School Association and Christian Schools International.


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The Gifted Louis Chenevert and How He Saved UTC

Despite the decline in the productivity of America’s industrial sector, the United Technology Corporation commonly known as the UTC has managed very well. The firm has maintained its position on the top leading list of innovative companies in building and space technologies. This company has the most developed jet engines, and its branch in Sikorsky is the leading producers of helicopters. This business was headed by none other than Louis Chenevert. There has been an empirical improvement in the sales since the time Louis joined UTC. Chenevert is a quick and a prolific thinker especially in the changing aspects of businesses.

Every business has its ups and downs, and they are all seasonal. For the Jets and the massive engines, their demands go up when there are international fears as the military machines are on the market. It’s out of Chenevert great ability to think deeply and creatively that has brought UTC this far. This is because he believes that every entrepreneur needs to have a vision of where the sales and the market at large are in the future. He’s not only caring for the business, but he also cares about the environment because, since the time he joined UTC, the industry has reduced its emission of the harmful gasses up to 26%.

Before joining UTC, Chenevert was working with Pratt and Whitney. He worked as the president of this company from 1999 to 2006. He graduated from the University of Montreal, having fully finished his course in commerce. When it comes to leadership, Louis is on the forefront for he has been known to be among some of the most influential leaders and who knows how to deal with both his clients and employees. Every business that he puts his effort into thrives and yields significant productivity. Louis may seem to be a very busy man, but one thing that is peculiar to him is that Louis doesn’t forget his family, and spends a lot of time with them. His first job was at General Motors where he worked for 14 years.

Manaira Shopping Mall is the Pride of Roberto Santiago

Being an entrepreneur always seems very attractive. However, what most people don’t understand is that being your own boss is harder than being employed. This is because you have to set the trend for your employees and that means working tirelessly for longer hours. Also, depending on your funding system, you have to do without a salary for a few months or even years. Therefore, entrepreneurship is not for the faint hearted. That is why we celebrate men like Roberto Santiago.


Roberto Santiago is one of the most influential businessmen and entrepreneurs in Brazil, especially in the mall industry. He was the first person to found a one-stop shopping complex in Joao Pessoa, which also happens to be his hometown. Although, he did not hail from a wealthy family, he was determined to be a self-made successful entrepreneur. So, after completing his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University Center of Joao Pessoa, he got a job at the Café Santa Rosa.


Still his hopes of having his own business did not die. In fact, he saw this as a great opportunity to learn some of the basics of successfully operating a business. Also, he managed to save up some money that he would later come to use it to start his first business.


When his tenure at Café Santa Rosa came to a halt, Roberto Santiago began a cartonage company. The company would manufacture cartons and other packaging materials and supply them to packaging companies.


In the year 1987, Roberto Santiago decided to dive into the real estate development industry. He started by buying a piece of land in a remote place in Joao Pessoa. This decision was inspired by a gap that he had observed in Joao Pessoa’s business industry. So, that same year, he began the journey to developing the largest mall in the state of Paraiba. The mall, which is today known as the Manaira Shopping Mall, also happens to be among the largest malls in Brazil.


The Manaira Shopping Mall is the manifestation of Roberto Santiago’s hard work. The mall is referred to as a small city because it has everything in one place. At Manaira Mall you will get financial institutions, fitness center, college, eateries, shopping stores and entertainment centers.


Having undergone several expansions, the Manaira Shopping Mall has a very large gourmet area, serving different cuisines for different palates and to people working with different budgets. The mall also has the largest leasable entertainment area in the city.


As a result of the many attractions of the mall, Manaira attracts many people from different parts of the country. The mall has been so profitable that it opened a new mall, in the year 2014, known as the Mangeira Mall.

Obsidian Energy: The Restructured Penn West Petroleum Ltd

Obsidian Energy is a Canadian oil and gas production company in Canada which has its headquarters located in Calgary, Alberta. Previously, it was known as Penn West Petroleum Ltd until June 26, 2017, when 92 % of the shareholders approved the change in name. Dave French, the Company’s CEO revealed that they chose the name because obsidian occurs naturally and can be sharpened.


Other resolutions as stated in the 2017 Notice of Annual and Special Meeting as well as in the Management Proxy Circular, April 30, 2017, were also approved by the company to enhance efficiency in running all their operations.


Election of New Directors


The Obsidian management proposed eight nominees to be elected as the directors of the organization and be in office until the next shareholders’ annual meeting. These were: George H. Brookman and John Brydson, Raymond D. Crossley, David L.French, William A. Friley and Richard L.George, Maureen Cormier Jackson and Jay W Thornton.


Appointment of an Auditor


The management appointed Ernst &Young LLP, Chartered Accountants as the company’s auditor for the following year to efficiently oversee their entire bookkeeping.


Reduction of Share Capital


Again, the reduction of Obsidian Energy’s share capital was affected for its accounting purposes. This is after 96% of the shareholders voted for it. Other changes that were made include the passing of an advisory resolution to approve the organization’s approach to its executive compensation.


In the past four years, the oil and gas production company has undergone a lot of significant changes. Even though, it has managed to re-emerge stronger and more capable. Click Here For More Info.


Employee Reduction


Obsidian Energy had about 1400 employees in 2016 but decided to reduce the number to less than 450. With fewer workers, they had a lot on their plate to ensure that everything ran smoothly.



Debt Crisis and Accounting Scandal


In 2014, Obsidian Energy revealed that millions of money in expenses had been wrongly classified. This forced them to restate their financial report for the past two years and the first four months of 2014. This scandal led to a lawsuit as the company sold their assets to minimize their net debt.


Obsidian Energy is now smaller, but with the new reforms, it is stronger. With a management system that is driven and passionate about oil and gas production, the company is bound to achieve nothing but greatness.


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Obsidian Energy’s Next Phase

In June 2017, Penn West Petroleum rebranded to Obsidian Energy Limited. The name change marked the beginning of the new chapter of the company based on three principles; accountability and transparency to all stakeholders, the pursuit of innovation and growth, and discipline in decision making and value creation. Obsidian Energy also commits to leveraging its assets, hedging strategy, and good balance sheets to set the trend for performance despite the lower prices currently experienced in the market. The stock symbol for the company was adjusted to OBE.


Obsidian specializes in oil and gas production. The intermediate-sized producer has a production capacity of 30,000 barrels of oil per day. The company utilizes high-quality assets and the entrepreneurial organization culture to deliver timely and desired outcomes. Values that govern Obsidian Energy are; a passion for what they do, accountability, and discipline. The primary objective of the company is to create value for the customers, shareholders, communities, and partners.


The company has positioned its assets strategically to support growth. The significant development assets for Obsidian Energy are at the Alberta Viking, the Cardium Waterflood Platform, and the Cold Flow Manufacturing at Peace River. At Alberta Viking, the company has a structural advantage due to its infrastructural investments in the Esther Area. With a production capacity of 1,976 barrels of oil per day and netback of $22 per barrel, Alberta Viking offers high returns shorter cycles wells. The Cardium has long-cycle activities with a production capacity of 18,430 barrels of oil per day and a netback of $27 per barrel. The Cardium is the hallmark of Obsidian Energy’s portfolio. The company purposes to utilize an integrated waterflood mechanism in the Cardium to increase production and decrease decline rates on the alternative wells. Finally, together with the China Investment Corporation Obsidian Energy runs a joint venture known as the Peace River Operated Partnership. The cold flow production in Peace River has a capacity of 4928 barrels of oil per day and a netback of $24. Find More Information Here.


Obsidian Energy is passionate about the community and environment in which it operates. As such, the company has developed programs aimed at strengthening its commitment to social responsibility and respect to the environment. Obsidian Energy has implemented strategies that minimize the impacts of its operation on the environment.


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The Path to Gregory Aziz’s Rise to Meteoric Success with National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz is the CEO, President and Chairman of National Steel Car, North America’s leading engineering and manufacturing provider of rail cars. It is headquartered in Ontario and is best known for its commitment to excellence and outshining industry standards. Gregory J Aziz has been with the company since 1994 and is credited with helping to mold the company culture of consistent innovation in the railcar industry.


Past Business Successes

Greg J. Aziz has had a successful career in a variety of verticals before beginning his time at National Steel Car. His past successes include the growth of his family’s wholesale food business to become a global importer of fresh foods. The company, Affiliated Foods, grew during his time there to also distribute these freshly imported quality foods to the majority of wholesale markets throughout Canada and the United States, giving what once was a regional company a global footprint.


In addition to success in the development of the wholesale foods company, Greg Aziz also had a successful career in investment banking. In the 1980s Greg Aziz moved to New York to pursue investment banking. He was quickly a standout in the company and moved up the ladder quickly to begin working on large scale investments. It was in 1994 that his career path crossed with National Steel Car for the first time. He worked to successfully orchestrate National Steel Car being bought from its former owner, Dofasco. This task was no simple feat and it came with important ties. With the purchase National Steel Car was again on the path to becoming North America’s largest manufacturer or railroad freight cars. Get More Information.


Giving Back to the Community

National Steel Car is also dedicated to giving back to the community they call home, Hamilton, Ontario. They are large sponsors of organizations and non-profits that are staples of the Hamilton community including United Way, the Hamilton Opera, Theatre Aquarius and the Salvation Army. They are a leading donation source for local food banks and even host their own local food drive each year where tens of thousands of items are collected and donated to those in need. Each year, National Steel Car throws a Christmas event where thousands of employees (past and present) bring their families to enjoy a spectacular holiday party. Personally, Gregory J Aziz and his family sponsor the annual Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, an expose of agriculture for Canada.

Philanthropist and CEO of National Steel Car Gregory Aziz

Gregory J Aziz is the acting CEO and President of National Steel Car. The company is headquartered in Hamilton, Ontario and remains to be the only North American railroad freight car manufacturer with ISO 9001:2008 certification. National Steel Car has been very instrumental and has immensely contributed to the growth of the sector. Over the years, the company has witnessed broad expansions thanks to its capital investments, human investments, strong engineering abilities, team building, and customer loyalty.


Gregory James Aziz was born in 1949. In his youthful years, he enrolled at the Ridley College before studying economics at the Western Ontario University. After graduating in 1971, Gregory J Aziz joined Affiliated Foods, a business run by his family, which imported and distributed fresh food from Europe, South, and Central America. In the early 90’s, Gregory J Aziz ventured into investment banking a move that provided him the chance to arrange for the purchase of National Steel Car. He later bought the company in 1994 with the objective of making it the best railroad freight car maker in North America. Under his leadership, the company received an award known as TTX SECO for its consistency in producing high-quality products. Moreover, the company’s manufacturing ability increased in 1999 from 3,500-12,000 cars annually.




Besides business, James Aziz loves giving back to his community. Together with Irene, his wife, Greg sponsors the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, a famous agricultural fair in Canada. Additionally, Gregory J Aziz contributes to the Hamilton Opera, the United Way, Theatre Aquarius, and the Salvation Army among others. His company appreciates its workers by offering them a chance to take part in a major food drive organized by the company as well as an annual Christmas Party. When Greg James Aziz acquired the company, it had 600 employees only, and by 1999, the number of employees had risen to 3000. Click Here for more information.


Having made important decisions for National Steel Car for a prolonged period, Greg Aziz has learned so much about the business. When it was time for another executive to take over the CEO position, there was no better candidate for the position than Gregory J Aziz. Greg works hard every day to make sure that National Steel Car continues to be the best. Thanks to his incredible business ideas, Gregory J Aziz is always aware of what needs to be done to guarantee the strong standing of National Steel Car at the top.


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Peace Be The Snacking, HIPPEAS Snack Creator, Livio Bisterzo

     Within the world of consumerism today there are abundant options for one to choose from for just about any need you may have, especially the need to snack. Throughout the industrial revolution and onwards we have found new and innovative ways to create snack foods to consume leisurely. In today’s grocery stores the bulk of the so called “easy snacks” are considered unhealthy, the term “junk food” was not created for nothing.

That is all changing as a new and healthier option for snacking has been brought over to the United States. Livio Bisterzo has brought with him his greenparkbrands of sacks, their introductory line of snacks are called HIPPEAS. These wonderful little snacks are not only delicious but they are healthy ad good for your body.

HIPPEAS are made of chickpeas that are naturally grown and processes into a light and crunchy snack that not only tastes amazing but is also good for you as well as being good for the environment during their growth process. Many of today’s markets are leaning towards plant-based products as the globe attempt to go more and more green.

So far in the product’s release it has six different flavor varieties to choose from. Far Out Fajita brings a nice chili and cumin blast. Pepper Power brings a load of pepper and sea salt with it. Happenin’ Hickory comes with some nice sweet tomato, onion and garlic flavors with a smoky blast of hickory. Maple Haze is a sweet and savory snack. Vegan White Cheddar are amazingly cheesy just, no cheese to appease the vegans among us. And last but definitely not least, Sriracha Sunshine is a deliciously spicy little puff of tangy and sweet jalapeno and paprika.

Livio Bisterzo is an Italian born entrepreneur ad is also the brains behind this amazing new snack. He moved to the UK and attended the London’s University of the Arts and went on to attempt his first entrepreneurial endeavor, a successful events business, in 2003.

Livio is currently married and has three wonderful children. In 2015 he launched his Green Park Holdings which has a primary goal of creating healthy snacks in a peaceful way with the environment. The goals behind Green Park Brands is to not only create good for you foods but to also help create a positive change in social culture though healthier living.

Sawyer Howitt Gives Advice To Young Professionals And Entrepreneurs

     Sawyer Howitt is a young professional who works at the Meriwether Group as a project manager. He also serves a mentor for youth in business and cares deeply about equal treatment of women in the workplace. Mr. Howitt is currently working on a degree in entrepreneurial finance at the University of California system. Below are some tips that Sawyer Howitt has offered to fellow young professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs like himself.

One of the tips that Sawyer Howitt gives for young workers is to not be afraid to speak up while at work. Often times, younger employees are looked over in favor of the older workers. When you are young you may lack experience or have limited experience. This is why you must promote and advertise yourself all the more heavily says Sawyer. By speaking up more you are bound to get noticed It may also help you to land a new assignment or promotion.

Sawyer Howitt also says that you should let work be the biggest factor in determining your performance. A young age may be a disadvantage in many cases in the workplace. However, doing quality work will help you overcome anybody who doubts your ability because of your youth. By doing quality work you can show your boss that you are better than those that have been at the company for a longer time.

Admitting your weakness is another word of advice by Mr. Howitt. By acknowledging areas you may struggle in, you can actually find ways to become better in those categories. When you strengthen your weaknesses you become a much stronger person and a more effective worker. It can also lead to sparks of creativity that can help you launch your own business.

A great way to make working with older employees easier is to be knowledgeable about history. In the business and company environment this means that you should have a background on how the industry or company you are in has evolved over time. If you are familiar with how the company operated in the past, you will be better able to understand more senior workers.

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