Talk Fusion Pioneer in Video Marketing Services and Solutions

Getting ahead of the competition in today’s date is crucial for just about every company irrespective of 136their size. The self-employed professionals, as well as organizations, are trying different marketing measures to reach out to their audience. And, thanks to the online marketing boom, the competition continues to get stronger by the day. Talk Fusion is a video marketing firm that has been offering a wide range of video-based products and services since 2007. The founder and Chief Executive Officer of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, firmly believe that video is a great medium to convey the message. It helps in engaging the audience and also improves the conversion rates significantly.


Talk Fusion has a presence in more than 140 countries, and it continues to grow at a massive pace. Over the years, the company has grown exponentially, which has helped in spreading the importance of video marketing far and wide. Bob Reina says that words cannot express the emotions and the tone of the message as precisely as the video can, which is what makes videos as a marketing tool much more efficient. Talk Fusion offers a wide range of products and services that are video-based, including video conferencing, video chat, video e-mail, video newsletters, and more. These services help in conveying the message to the target audience in a very efficient manner.


Talk Fusion has been proliferating in the last few years as more and more people, and enterprises realize the true potential of videos as a marketing medium. The results of the video marketing products offered by Talk Fusion are measurable and can be tweaked as per the consumers’ wish to ensure the result is as desired. Recently, the company launched two new websites, namely and These new sites would help the people looking to join Talk Fusion as an affiliate and ensure that they can start and manage their own Talk Fusion based business efficiently. These new websites would make it much easier for people across the globe to join the expanding Talk Fusion family, and ensure that they can secure their financial freedom as well. Learn more:


The Relevance of Jeff Yastine’s Diverse Insights

     Jeff Yastine is responsible for performing the editorial tasks at Total Wealth Insider, an affiliate of Banyan Hill Publishing. Recently, Jeff Yastine published a detailed article regarding the essence of cyber security to investors. Jeff postulates that the latest technological trend entails the incorporation of online protection for computers and other technical devices. In his study of the National Association of India, Jeff Yastine stipulates that, at the moment, the globe requires at least a million online security pros that will propel to the future. Due to this element, Jeff Yastine provides the relevance of acquiring more skilled online security professionals. Thus, Jeff states that the high demand for experts identifies an investment opportunity for capable investors.

Jeff Yastine became a member of Banyan Hill Publishing in 2015, bringing along his more than twenty years of expertise as a financial journalist and stock investor. Since his entry into the organization, Jeff Yastine has demonstrated his exclusiveness at Total Wealth Insider. Besides being operational at the agency, Jeff Yastine oversees the operations of other affiliates of Banyan Hill Publishing. Some of the subsidiary organizations that benefit from Jeff Yastine’s exceptional management strategy include the Winning Investor Daily and the Sovereign Investor Daily. Through these companies, Jeff Yastine is capable of showcasing his insights on various topics. The most intriguing issues discussed by Jeff Yastine include profit-making strategies, different economic models as well as the latest monetary trends.

Recently, Jeff Yastine edited another article concerning the purchase of the Navy SEAL. The requirements for the buying of the Navy SEAL consisted of the purchase of an airplane that would monitor the operations of the militaries thus forewarning them of enemies. Successfully, the seal attained at least four planes of their choice, an A-29 Super Tucano, and a propeller airplane. After the testing of the A-29 flight through competition with more advanced airplanes, the seal proved its efficiencies.

Various groups have recognized Jeff Yastine’s achievements. Additionally, his interaction with other executives like Sir Richard Branson and Michael Dell has earned him a reputation in the industry. In 2007, Jeff Yastine was nominated for the Emmy Business Prize for his reporting that focused on America’s transport models. Jeff Yastine has also been presented with the Financial Journalism Present for the acknowledgment of his impact his impact on the segment. As a journalist, Jeff Yastine played significant roles in the identification of opportunities in the related areas, focusing on developed and small-cap enterprises.

Ted Bauman’s Prolific Investment Career

     Born in Washington D.C, Ted Bauman immigrated to South Africa when young and he graduated from the University of Cape Town with postgraduate degrees in economics and history. He is specialized in asset protection, low-risk investment strategies, international migration issues and asset protection. Ted is always looking for new ways to help out people grow and protect their wealth. Even better, he also helps out when it comes to take control back of your financial status and personal privacy, enabling one to live the life they have always been dreaming of.

In 2013, he joined the Banyan Publishing Hill and he is the editor of The Bauman Letter, Alpha Stock Alert and The Plan B Club. He has spent his entire life helping out people get in touch with the financial resources they need to lead a sovereign life. This makes people free from corporate greed and governmental oversights. This has narrowed the poor and rich gap over the years where the less earning people now have increased time and techniques to invest and live better lives from financial freedom.

Ted has also served in a variety of nonprofit organizations as a fund manager for low cost housing projects. These projects have helped well over 14 million people in over 30 countries including South Africa. This is known as the Slum Dwellers International. He worked as a consultant in the 2000s and researched and wrote widely on housing and urban planning, finance the United Nation, World Bank, European Grant Making and the South African government. These clients he wrote on are diverse.

His international housing projects has seen Ted travel well over 75 countries, with extensive visits to Africa, Europe, Asia, the Caribbean and Latin America. Companies have learnt from Ted that investing in different developing countries in places such as Africa is the best way to ensure survival of the company. In his monthly newsletter The Bauman Letter, he enriches his subscribers’ lives by simply recommending different arrays of personal financial solutions, investment strategies and economic opportunities.

Ted has been educating people in investment opportunities such as the buy now earn later strategy. These strategies include buying shares and collectibles which are not being made no more in time grow in value. Exchange rate movements make people rich. One investment that has proved overly profitable is the crypto currency investment plan such as the Bitcoin. Ted gives the best suggestions when it comes to finances and early investments.

What you need to know about Habanero Peppers

The Habanero peppers nowadays are being commonly used. However, people need to understand when to plant them, how to take care of them till maturity, when to harvest and how to harvest. Storing of the Habanero peppers is also an area of concern which needs be addressed attentively.

Sometimes it is difficult for people to determine when the Habanero peppers are ripe. This is because there different types of Habanero peppers and they do confuse many people. There are many ways which people need to do to know whether the peppers are ripe. First, one is supposed to read the plant information or the seed packet information from the place of purchase. This provides information on how the peppers look like when they are ripe. The information range from the color, size and the approximate time taken for the peppers to mature.

In addition to that, the peppers get hotter when attaining their maturity. These are the characteristics one should look for when determining if the peppers are mature. The peppers also need to be harvested following the right procedure.

When harvesting, use a knife or garden clippers to get the peppers without the damage to the plant. The peppers sometimes may be hot. When harvesting, you should protect your hands from the heat produced by the peppers. The peppers produce an irritating oil. This oil needs to be washed carefully after the harvest. The oil can bring an annoying effect when one touches himself/herself after the harvest.

Brown lines on peppers indicate readiness for harvesting. Whenever the lines appear, the peppers are fit for harvest regardless of whether their color has changed. If the pepper is picked unripe, it can be placed on south-facing windowsill until the color changes. Joel Friant is among the people who have contributed greatly in educating people how to use the habanero peppers. He has also provided money to enhance the growth of agriculture. Friant is also a businessman.

Learn more about Joel Friant’s the Habanero Shaker:

Lean-Thinking Objectives with Robert Thikoll

Sometimes you just have to spotlight a person who is doing amazing things for the company that they work for. That person today is Robert Thikoll. He is the Vice-President of Operations for Ingersoll Rand, and he has been a terrific job as of late helping the company expand its virtue of “lean-thinking”.


The concept of lean-thinking is one that Robert Thikoll wholeheartedly believes in. It is the idea that companies should focus in on the best way to get a job done, not necessarily just the way that it has always been done in the past. Thikoll does not care about what tradition is if it is getting in the way of making a process better. Since he believes like this, he has helped the company to make its processes so much better, and has almost certainly expanded margins for the company as well.

A Trip To Japan

A recent trip by Thikoll to Japan helped solidify his belief in lean-thinking and a few other business concepts as well. While speaking to CEOCFO Magazine, he stated that he learned the value of teamwork in a greater sense while in Japan. He also picked up that you do not have to spend mountains of money to get mountains of results. Customer and company behavior can be changed on the cheap if you know what you are doing.

These lessons and so many more are exactly the types of things that Thikoll wants to pass on to anyone who will listen to him. He is gaining followers all the time to his philosophy of continuous improvement within the business and within the self. These principles have led him this far, and they are sure to help the company going forward as well. Prepare to see just what all Thikoll can do in the months and years to come.

AvaTrade Review: Trusted Cryptocurrency Broker?

A cryptocurrency is a digital medium of exchange that uses encryption to safeguard transactions and control any new units that are created. More people are increasingly using cryptocurrency as well as foreign exchange and some brokerage firms like Trading 212 and Ava Trade. Cryptocurrencies can work independently, are difficult to manipulate and are highly profitable.

AvaTrade is a bitcoin trading forex and CFD broker. The company started offering their services in 2013. Ava Trade is licensed by MiFID and regulated by many respected bodies like Financial Service Commission in Japan and Central Bank of Ireland. They offer their trading on two platforms: MetaTrader 4 and broker’s Ava Trade. It was among the first in the UK and has been providing bitcoin trading for over ten years now. Ava Trade offers numerous other financial instruments as well.

You can buy or sell on AvaTrade at any time to make a profit. To start your trade, all you need to do is sign up and download any of their two softwares or simply trade on their online platform. You can also trade bitcoins with CFDs. Some of the advantages of using Ava Trade are the fantastic bonuses and promotions, the 24-hour customer service and free information on all financial instruments. Ava Trade is also user-friendly with a flexible environment that accommodates every user. Their conditions are very transparent with everything clearly illustrated. AvaTrade’s website is also available in many languages such as English Spanish, French and Chinese. The company has grown very fast in a very short duration registering thousands of customers. Ava Trade transacts in more than $ 60 billion in a single month.

Ava Trade’s headquarters are based in Dublin, Ireland with five offices in different regions among them Dublin itself, Tokyo, Sydney, and Milan. Ava Trade offers many features that cannot be found anywhere else. Just by opening a trading account with Ava Trade, you get to access generous amounts of deposit bonus that are a big boost to your trading. From the year 2009, the company has been able to take home nine awards for exemplary performance in the industry.

The Oxford Club Wants Members to Strike It Rich with Crytocurrencies

November 2017 is the month the price of Bitcoin hit hyperdrive. Although the first cryptocurrency was worth just a fraction of a penny only eight years ago, it is now approaching $12,000. Naturally, that brings out the skeptics who say Bitcoin is in a bubble. Soon it will break, they gleefully point out, and everybody except them will lose all their money.

In an article published by the Oxford Club’s Investment U website, Samuel Taube points out that hardly matters. Not so long ago, Bitcoin was 95% of the crypto market. Now it’s just half. Despite Bitcoin’s incredible runup in price, it’s still losing ground in the overall cryptocurrency marketplace. Not too long ago, Ethereum was Bitcoin’s major competitor. Ethereum is based on Bitcoin, but can serve as a platform for many more sophisticated platforms, including smart contracts. People launch Initial Coin Offerings everyday. There are over a thousand altcoins. You can still get many of them for just pennies. Although many of them will fail, at that price you can afford to invest a large number, letting the successes pay for the failures and turn a small amount of money into a huge retirement fortune.

Also, the main Bitcoin market is no longer the English speaking world. Close to two-thirds of all Bitcoin purchases are made using Japanese yen. And South Koreans are also buying Bitcoin in large quantity. Together, the two Asian currencies are behind around three-fourths of Bitcoin purchases. The U.S. dollar buys only about one-sixth of all Bitcoin purchases.

Taube wrote the article using information obtained from Adam Sharp and Andy Gordon, the founders of the Early Investing service. They have just launched a new financial research service, Crypto Asset Strategies. Its purpose is to help subscribers use altcoins to to rapidly build blockchain wealth to enhance their portfolios.

The Oxford Club is an independent investment firm that researches ways for its 80,000 international members to build and safeguard their wealth. Investment U is their educational branch with articles available to nonmembers, as is their free daily newsletter. the club was founded over two decades ago, and is based in Baltimore Maryland.

Contribution of Siteline Cabinetry in Modern Homes

The new Siteline cabinetry was brought to the market in the year 2015 by Corsi group. This brand is competitively priced with over two hundred and seventy material and finishes choices. Also, the Siteline cabinetry has many accessories and pre-configured cabinets. Siteline cabinetry is unique in its way because every product on it is customized to meet the customers desired needs. Since its establishment, it has had positive transformations in many homes. Siteline cabinetry is customizable and hence enables customers to make a variety of decisions in their quest to remodel their homes either wholly or partly. Siteline Cabinetry has brought beauty and elegance in closets, bathrooms, kitchens and storage rooms. It brings freedoms to transform a house into space one desires.

Siteline Cabinetry has improved remodeling of homes. Before its existence, remodeling homes posted a challenge to many. It can be used for partial or complete overhaul without disorienting the house. This product from Corsi Group has provided solutions to problems related to storage within homes. It makes a home aesthetically appealing beyond imaginations. It gives customers the value of their money. Sateline cabinetry is remarkable because it is specifically designed to meet every customer’s desires. Various cabinetry designs can carry out the whole process up to installation.

Siteline Cabinetry is delivered instantly to the customer when ordered from the manufactures. Clients request them from authorized dealers who are available to serve customers to their satisfaction. The central manufacturing plants for this cabinetry is located in Virginia. The cabinetry is manufactured to meet the engineering standards. The latest technology is applied in manufacturing.

The Siteline Cabinetry transforms the following areas;

  • Transforms the bathroom to be magnificent and creates spa-like space. It has storage options, finishes, and colors and door styles to reflect modest personal styles
  • It can help extent closet and laundry areas by customizing every area of a home with storage cabinets which are designed beautifully to give a home an incredible look.
  • It revitalizes storage space because of the presence of many options to optimize the space. With Siteline cabinetry, configuring kitchen utensils and electronic gadgets are made possible. Also, it has a charging area for electronic devices.
  • The excellent colors and finishes are attractive and durable.

Corsi group offers affordable Siteline Cabinetry to its customers. Corsi Group was established in the year 1973. It provides its cabinetry services in more significant parts of the United States. The cabinets offered by this company have different materials, styles, and finishes. The well-experienced workforce provides excellent services to customers. Siteline cabinetry is the renowned newest and latest Corsi group cabinet brand.

Penn West Is Now Doing Business As Obsidian Energy

The last three years have been very tough for Penn West Petroleum Ltd. Not only did they find themselves in a huge debt crisis, but they were also dealing with a commodity price crash.


Due to these struggles the top brass at the company thought it would be best to restructure and get a fresh start. The new name that was proposed was Obsidian Energy.


Shareholders Had To Approve The Name

Before the name could be officially changed to Obsidian Energy it had to first be approved by the shareholders.


According to David French, the current President and Chief Executive Officer of the company, asking for the shareholders’ approval was important due to the fact the company would no longer resemble Penn West.


The name change represented a new beginning for the company. It was the opportunity for them to turn the page and start writing a new chapter.


In June of 2017 Penn West announced its shareholders had approved the name change. The change took place immediately and Penn West was now operating as Obsidian Energy Ltd.


As part of the name change the company also replaced their stock symbol with “OBE”. Other than approval there was no further action required by the shareholders in respect to the name change.


Find More Information about Obsidian Energy here.


Now that the name has successfully been changed to Obsidian Energy, French says that going forward the company will be guided by three key principles, decision making that is disciplined so they can build and protect the value of the enterprise, constantly pursuing progress through innovative ideas, and being as transparent as possible with all partners, shareholders and the communities in which the company will be doing business in.


Right now, Obsidian Energy is in a great position. They have the right assets in place, a balance sheet that is healthy and a strategy that will allow them to be successful for many years to come.


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Change is as good as a stay. For Penn West Petroleum Ltd, the change in its name and other significant aspects of its operations has brought the much-needed success formula to achieve more excellent value to its stakeholders. Discipline, relentless passion and strong accountability are hallmarks of Obsidian Energy Limited in its approach to work. The company, which was formerly known as Petroleum West Petroleum Limited until June 26th, 2017, has spread its interests in the oil and gas industry, producing roughly 30,000 BOE per day. With a well-balanced portfolio, the company is a successful intermediate oil and gas producer. It has its headquarters strategically located in Calgary.

The change of name to Obsidian Energy was overwhelmingly approved by shareholders, with 92 percent voting in favor of the resolution. It marked the beginning of a renewed journey for the company that has come up in a much leaner but more efficient way. Though the change has come with a reduction in the number of employees, this is aimed at achieving more significant results for the company. The move has marked the start of a new chapter in the journey of the company, emerging stronger and with more excellent capabilities than before.

Obsidian Energy Limited is inspired to pursue a new chapter, marked by disciplined decision making in its technical and commercial operations. It is meant to yield greater accountability and eventually achieve and protect more value for the shareholders. Obsidian Energy is now reenergized and well positioned. The president and chief executive officer, David French, is optimistic that prudent hedging will allow the company to perform significantly and set a standard for performance. Get More Info Here.

For the next three years after the change, Obsidian aims to tie budgets to the price of oil and gas in a bid to pursue modest growth. It is in line with the new objective of achieving higher results, informed by the principles of accountability and more significant value to the shareholders.

The new shape of the company is projected to achieve more considerable success since the company has undergone a redefining change process.