Jake Gottlieb

Who is this self-made millionaire Jacob Gottlieb?


Jacob Gottlieb is undeniably a successful entrepreneur and scholar who has also demonstrated great interest in community development. He founded Visium Asset Management in November 2005, where he started on with a team of about 20 professionals. Gottlieb had previously demonstrated good entrepreneurial skills in various companies including Sanford C. Bernstein & Co., LLC, where he worked as a buy-side analyst. Just before he instituted his company, he was a founding member of Balyasny Asset Management, a company that exposed him to vast managerial skills.

Jacob Gottlieb was born and raised up in Brooklyn from a successful family. His parents, who were Polish immigrants, settled in the US at the height of stormy 1960s. His father was a professor in economics whereas his mother was a paediatrician. Having been raised by professional parents, Gottlieb developed an interest in the two different professions since his early days. Although he had a taste for both professions, his interest in economics and business was growing stronger every day.

While in his 7th grade at a local school in New York, he won a stock selection test. Thrilled by his brilliance, Gottlieb’s father set him an asset trading account. After he completed his secondary studies, he joined the Brown University, from where he graduated with Bachelor of Arts in economics. He later pursued a Doctor of Medicine from the New York University and graduated with great honor. In 2001, he was awarded a Chartered Financial Analyst charter from the Association for Investment Management and Research (AIMR).

Jacob Gottlieb’s Charity Work

Gottlieb is an advocate and supporter of social change and development. He is a committed financier and donor to Covenant House, a non-profitable organization that helps to protect vulnerable teens. He is very active in the organization that helps in the settlement and general care of homeless and drug-addict youth. In the organization, Gottlieb champions for the right of trafficked children and vagabonds through shelter and food provisions as well as training and educational funding.


All About Dr. Eric M. Forsthoelel

Forsthoelel is a 2012 graduate from Louisana state university school of medicine found in New Orleans. He has a 6-year experience in his work and works in Tallahassee and Florida. He is affiliated that is able to admit and treat patients with Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare Hospital. He specializes in emergency services such as administering emergency medicines. As we know, an emergency doctor is an expert in handling urgent cases and those which are extremely dangerous. They oversee cases that involve cardiac distress, trauma, fractures and other crucial cases of sickness. They are involved in urgent decisions which involve life-saving such that they stabilize patients who are become ready to be discharged or admitted for long-term care. Patients go to see him either at the Tallahassee Memorial Hospital which is located 1300 Miccosukee Road Tallahassee, FL 32308 or at his office 1309 Thomasville road in Tallahassee, FL 32303.Eric Forsthoelel completed his residency at Louisana State University. He not only supports English but also Spanish. In respect to medical insurance plans, the doctor accepts multiple insurance plans that are Aetna, Medicare and First Health which is also called Coventry Health Care. The doctor has one board certification specialty in emergency medicine where it indicates he has a high qualification and has the knowledge to treat medical conditions.Clients who have gone to see Dr. Forsthoelel have rated him to have good qualities. He is said to be a patient-doctor by a client who had flu since he took time to listen to his patients’ problems, took time to research and properly understand the patients’ medical history. He cares for patients’ health as much as they do. Some client claimed that the experience with the doctor was good since he was kind and caring and had enough knowledge of his work. It is true that at this Tallahassee Memorial Hospital, Dr. Eric M. Forsthoefel, MD is a very caring and important doctor in the emergency room. This is because he is a specialized doctor in such kind of urgent services. He is highly recommended by his clients since they obtain a fruitful medical progress after meeting him.



Bruno Fagali’s insights on the Asset Recovery Rewards Law

Whistle blowers on corrupt deals carried out in their countries but involving the US financial system may soon begin receiving rewards. The Asset Recovery Rewards Law project will see to it that this is the case if it is approved. Bruno Fagali, an expert in anticorruption, parliamentary, public and advertising law, believes that this will ensure that a lot of financial offences are tracked down and adequately punished.

A few weeks ago the SEC rewarded two anonymous informants. They had provided implicating information on what happened in the Bank of America. This was later used to ascertain the concerns that had been raised regarding illegalities in the finance department of the bank. Both of them received $25 millon. This was $5 million less than what a different informant had received in 2014. The Dodd-Frank Act which gives guidance on violations of right banking made this possible.

In 2016 the bank had signed an agreement with SEC and $415 million exchanged hands. Bruno Fagali clarified that the rewards were part of this money which the bank had released.The whistleblowers’ reports were about crimes involving Merrill Lynch. They secretely used money holders to carry out complex and risky transactions. The offences were committed before and after the Bank of America had acquired the enterprise.

Bruno Fagali, founder of Fagali Advocacy, said that SEC shed light on how the Bank of America made a profit of $50 million for close to four years. $5 billion belonging to unsuspecting clients had been placed at risk during this period. None of the proceeds of the sheddy operations was deposited to the customers’ accounts according to Bruno Fagali. CEI was supposed to keep the assets safe.

SEC also found that $58 billion which needed to be kept in reserves had been used by the bank without the knowledge of the account holders. Bruno Fagali felt that such actions clearly disregarded the client protection rights. They also jeopardised the ability of the customers to have access to their assets in cases of emergencies. The public law expert who has previously been involved in an employee ethics comittee insisted that legal action ought to be taken against the bank eventhough no losses were suffered.

Kamil Idris: Protecting Intellectual Properties from Pirates

Kamil Idris has been delivering messages of inspiration from 1997 to 2008 when he was serving as the director general of the World Intellectual Property Organization. The former diplomat from Sudan would be releasing his statement each year, on the 26th of April, as the world celebrates and commemorates the World Intellectual Property Day. Kamil Idris has been vocal in his support regarding the protection of intellectual properties, which he described as anything that was created using the human creativity. He addressed the need for the world to unite regarding the looming threat from pirates, and he wanted everyone’s participation in protecting the intellectual properties that were created by different people. The rise of piracy, especially internet piracy, is putting creators at risk. These people are creating intellectual property to earn a living, but with every pirate that tries to steal from them, these people are losing a potential earning that could somehow sustain their lifestyle. What Kamil Idris wanted is the creation of global police that would track down these pirates who are threatening the intellectual properties of individuals.


Kamil Idris highlighted the importance of intellectual properties in transforming the world. He stated that through the creativity of the human mind, early civilizations managed to create the wheel, the Great Pyramids, and other wonders. Through the Renaissance, people managed to construct the printing press which enabled the faster dissemination of information. In the present time, the internet managed to change the world and made it more accessible than ever. These inventions are some examples of intellectual properties created by the human mind. Kamil Idris states that if these things are left open for pirates to steal, no one would want to create something again.


Kamil Idris, during his time as the director general of the World Intellectual Property Organization, highlighted the need to fight the pirates. He gained the support of intellectual property creators, like composers, directors, artists, and writers. They wanted to promote the protection of intellectual properties, and at the same time, curb the existing market which sells stolen properties. His leadership under the organization is proven effective, as piracy started to decline, but he emphasized the need to focus on internet piracy.



Dr. Saad Saad

Dr. Saad Saad is one of the renowned pediatric surgeons in the United States. He has been in this field for a period of more than 40years whereby he has performed numerous surgeries on infants and teenagers. Dr. Saad Saad is based in Eatontown, New Jersey. However, he is a very widely traveled medic having been in Jerusalem for eight times to provide complex surgeries services to the poor children in the country. He has done all this without charging them a single coin. This shows his dedication towards helping the less fortunate in the society to lead a healthy life. Dr. Saad Saad has also been making new inventions in the pediatric surgeries field. Two of the commonly used procedures in pediatric surgeries are the brainchild of Dr. Saad Saad. He has patented these inventions.


What inspired Dr. Saad to join medicine?


In a recent interview, Dr. Saad Saad revealed that as he was studying in Kuwait, he always wanted to be an engineer. This decision was primarily influenced by his elder brothers who were both working in construction firms as engineers. Dr. Saad later realized that he never wanted a profession where he would be working outdoors under the scorching sun in Kuwait where temperatures often rise to as high as 110 degrees Celsius.


He decided that he would work in a profession where he would stay indoors with air conditioners present. This is how Dr. Saad Saad narrowed on pediatric surgeon as his profession. This revelation shows how Dr. Saad Saad can get humorous at times. However, he has accomplished so much in the medical field to be regarded as a mere joker. His ambition has always been to improve the well-being of other people, especially, children.


Who is Dr. Saad?


Dr. Saad Saad was born in Palestine and brought up in Kuwait. He was born in a family of eight children who later became renowned professionals in various fields. Three of them became qualified surgeons, two of them are Ph.D. graduates, other two are Master degree graduates, and one is a teacher. He attended Cairo University in Egypt and graduated as the second best individual in their class. Dr. Saad Saad admits that he did incredibly well in school. Dr. Saad Saad notes that the reason behind this was because he came from a low-income family and it pushed him to become the best he could be in everything that he did.


During his third year as a student at Cairo University, Dr. Saad Saad bought a ticket to Lebanon. He went and took an ECFMG exam that he passed brilliantly. This allowed him to travel to the United States to after completion of school. Dr. Saad Saad did his internship in England and then went into the United States where he has been staying for more than 45 years. Learn more: https://about.me/ssaad/getstarted

Sussex Health Care And Employee Recruitment

Sussex Health Care is currently expanding its existing crew by introducing extra caregivers. The firm is equipped with various openings for administrative team members, nurses and physical therapists as well.

Sussex Health Care is on the lookout for professionals who have strong care backgrounds. The full-service company is encouraging these professionals to submit applications for jobs that are accessible in a good number of residences located all around the United Kingdom. Extensive career backgrounds aren’t required. Sussex Health Care provides people with in-depth training. They simple have to possess drive and pleasant demeanors. Job openings are accessible in East Grinstead, Henfield, Billingshurst, Crawley, Uckfield and, last but not least, Horsham. There are certain places that have night and day shift availability right now.

Sussex Health Care makes a point to wisely select all of its caregivers. The aim at Sussex Health Care is to give all residents unparalleled care. Caregivers, as a result, need to act in accommodating, sympathetic and genial manners toward residents. Sussex Health Care recruits professionals who have the desire to find out about what makes residents tick. It searches for innovative carers who have the power to come up with ideas that can enhance resident experiences as well. Carers must possess detail-oriented and diligent personalities.

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Carers have to be excellent team players who can handle interactions with residents and all of their relatives. They need to be able to collaborate with fellow employees as well. The firm goes above and beyond to recruit people who have penchants for fine teamwork. The people who manage and supervise at Sussex Health Care do anything they can to accentuate employee talents and strengths. Employees who grasp the importance of diligence and effort can thrive. They can promote lifestyles that are better for all Sussex Health Care residents, too. Sussex Health Care strives to recruit carers who are both prompt and dependable at all times. Carers who work for the business can relish numerous perks. They get pay boosts when they work on the weekends. They get complimentary uniforms. They get complimentary bus transportation. Sussex Health Care employees even get to take courses for training purposes.

Amanda Morgan-Taylor is Sussex Health Care’s latest Chief Executive Officer. The firm is a prominent name among people who are familiar with the United Kingdom’s dementia and neurological care worlds. Sussex Health Care also concentrates on individuals who have all kinds of learning issues.

CEO Whitney Wolfe Vows Not To Bow Down To Bully Match Group After It Filed A Lawsuit Against Bumble

The parent company of digital services such as Match.com, PlentyofFish.com, and OkCupid, Match Group, had decided to file a lawsuit against Bumble, a dating app that has been created by an ex-employee of Tinder, Whitney Wolfe. Match Group had known about Bumble ever since it was set up in 2014 but it is only now that it has decided to sue the company for patent infringement.

The move seems suspicious after the Match Group had previously tried to buy Bumble by offering $450 million for the same in August 2017. The offer was declined by the Bumble CEO Whitney Wolfe, and within a matter of six months, they have sued the company on account of patent violation.

Match Group has sued Bumble over two counts of infringement of patents. The first one is the Tinder Swipe where the user has to swipe the profiles to allow them to select one another. Another patent is the display screen where the user can go back to a profile that he or she might have missed. The lawsuit also alleges that there are numerous similarities between Bumble and Tinder. Whitney Wolfe created Bumble after a bad experience at Tinder and wanted to provide an opportunity to women when it comes to their dating lives. Most of the dating apps out there including Tinder offered an advantage to the men to select their matches. But, with Bumble, Whitney Wolfe has tried to empower women, and it has received great applause. The company grew drastically, and within three years, the company has a user base of 30 million.

Whitney Wolfe had always believed in standing up against bullies, and she has done precisely that again after Match Group filed a lawsuit against the Bumble. She had single-handedly build Bumble from the grounds up, and today it is worth $1 billion. The company has expanded its user base by providing other services apart from the dating app. The company launched two other services Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz last year. Whitney Wolfe has won numerous awards for her contribution to the tech industry that has for large been dominated by men.

Whitney Wolfe entered into wedlock with Michael Herd, a Texas oil heir, whom she has been dating since 2013. The wedding took place in Villa Treville located in Positano that overlooks the Amalfi Coast. The location is known for its beautiful landscape and amazing views.

Third wheeling my favorite @bumblebff ‘s on the cover of the Spring @saks catalog 💃🏼

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A Difficult Puzzle: Scott Rocklage

Scott Rocklage is a man who wants to help people live better lives. He has more than thirty years of experience when it comes to managing healthcare and how to work with patients. Scott Rocklage also has three patents to his credit. Now he is the managing partner a Massachusettes firm called 5 AM Ventures. He is continuing to explore new avenues when it comes to helping to cure diseases. Now he is helping others in the in the fight against a disease known as DM1.

Scott Rocklage is one of a group of doctors that are teaming up with a company known as Expansion Therapeutics. So far the group has raised more than fifty-five million to study and one day treat DM1. The leader of the study is a doctor by the name of Matthew Disney. Disney says that he grateful for all of the help and support in helping figure out the key to the disease that is the leading cause of muscular dystrophy.

Here is how the disease manifests itself. RNA molecules are transferred from DNA in the body and the result is the creation of a protein molecule. When something goes wrong in the process the molecules in the body can become toxic. The doctors are trying to figure out what makes RNA proteins turn into diseased proteins and put a stop to it.

Scott Rocklage and the team are trying to create treatments that only affect the RNA cells since that is the point where DM1 comes into play. Treating the RNA based disease is crucial for families afflicted with DM1 because successive generations can develop a more severe strain of the disease.

Scott Rocklage is doing the best that he can in fighting this disease. He and his team will solve this difficult puzzle.


To learn more, visit http://5amventures.com/team/scott-m-rocklage-phd/.

Jeunesse Business Growth

The health industry is booming with new customers. There are numerous people who are focused on being more healthy in 2018. One of the most common health goals is to lose weight. There are many people who struggle to lose weight over a long period of time.

Jeunesse is a company that is growing rapidly. A few years ago, the founder of Jeunesse wanted to start a company that would offer affordable and effective health products for customers. Jeunesse offers products that have natural ingredients. This is one of the reasons that so many people enjoy purchasing products offered by the company.

Health Changes

There are millions of people who need to make drastic changes to their lifestyle. Some people live a sedentary lifestyle with almost no physical activity. This is the wrong approach for anyone who wants to live a healthy lifestyle. There are many benefits of physical activity on the body.

In addition, many people eat a diet that does not have adequate amounts of vitamins and nutrients. Eating natural food is the best way to increase the number of nutrients in the diet. Adding a healthy supplement to the diet can provide additional vitamins and nutrients.

Working with Jeunesse

One of the reasons for the growth of Jeunesse is the company’s unique marketing plan. The company does not spend a lot of money on traditional marketing options. Instead, the company offers discounts to people who post on social media about the products offered by Jeunesse.

This is a great incentive for people who want to save money on various products. The company also offers a direct selling program for people who are interested in owning their own business. For a small fee, a person can become a business owner who helps sell Jeunesse products. This is a great way for a person to increase their income over a long period of time.


Wireless Containment From Securus Remotely Detains Facility

Many facilities are under the threat of increased contraband without the current help of additional support. Unfortunately, law enforcement personnel is at an all time low and in need of advanced technology solutions that are currently being used in partnership with select networks. Surveillance and monitoring tools were used as a part of their regulation services on other providers, but they’ve now began to actively use the technology as part of their own unique inmate calling. Their highly interactive technology has expanded their network to over 346,000+ customers nationwide. Join their popular inmate calling network to stay connected to an inmate for far less than their competitors.


Wireless Containment Technology


Most people are new to the wireless containment technology and how it can actively reduce the amount of contraband entering a correctional facility. Their Securus personnel will be able to install the technology in select facilities and remotely axes the technology from their based quarters. The new technology will be able to intercept illegal cellphone reception from inmate contraband, but won’t interfer with the staff’s signal. Join the popular Securus Technologies network for more details on their new wireless containment feature. The technology is yet to be released, but currently being tested at select facilities.


What Securus Says About Crime


Telecommunications threaten a lot of facilities and has been reduced by the efforts of Securus Technologies. They believe crime prevention should go beyond incarceration. Although, Securus CEO says, inmate crimes are not all, initiated by mail. They’ve been able to stop illegal trade and gambling through their crime prevention efforts. You have the opportunity to utilize a trusted network for your inmate calls. Plus, you get a chance to receive discounts and deals from becoming a member. More people are choosing Securus for their inmate calls.


Preferred Services


The email inmate feature allows you to send an email with a virtual stamp. You’ll have the option of getting discount stamps to send an email as often, as you like. Their email feature is used by thousands of inmates and their families to keep in touch. You can also use the remote visitation feature to avid commuting to a correctional facility; interact online. You won’t have to go through those uncomfortable, but mandatory facility searches. Discover how to send photos, use the inmate voicemail option, or order packaging services at select facilities. Their internet portal is designed to create an advanced solution to inmate calls and save their customers money.


Visit the popular Securus Technologies feature portal and refer services to other users on their network. You don’t have to be limited in your inmate calling features or pay for services that you don’t need with Securus.