Wireless Containment From Securus Remotely Detains Facility

Many facilities are under the threat of increased contraband without the current help of additional support. Unfortunately, law enforcement personnel is at an all time low and in need of advanced technology solutions that are currently being used in partnership with select networks. Surveillance and monitoring tools were used as a part of their regulation services on other providers, but they’ve now began to actively use the technology as part of their own unique inmate calling. Their highly interactive technology has expanded their network to over 346,000+ customers nationwide. Join their popular inmate calling network to stay connected to an inmate for far less than their competitors.


Wireless Containment Technology


Most people are new to the wireless containment technology and how it can actively reduce the amount of contraband entering a correctional facility. Their Securus personnel will be able to install the technology in select facilities and remotely axes the technology from their based quarters. The new technology will be able to intercept illegal cellphone reception from inmate contraband, but won’t interfer with the staff’s signal. Join the popular Securus Technologies network for more details on their new wireless containment feature. The technology is yet to be released, but currently being tested at select facilities.


What Securus Says About Crime


Telecommunications threaten a lot of facilities and has been reduced by the efforts of Securus Technologies. They believe crime prevention should go beyond incarceration. Although, Securus CEO says, inmate crimes are not all, initiated by mail. They’ve been able to stop illegal trade and gambling through their crime prevention efforts. You have the opportunity to utilize a trusted network for your inmate calls. Plus, you get a chance to receive discounts and deals from becoming a member. More people are choosing Securus for their inmate calls.


Preferred Services


The email inmate feature allows you to send an email with a virtual stamp. You’ll have the option of getting discount stamps to send an email as often, as you like. Their email feature is used by thousands of inmates and their families to keep in touch. You can also use the remote visitation feature to avid commuting to a correctional facility; interact online. You won’t have to go through those uncomfortable, but mandatory facility searches. Discover how to send photos, use the inmate voicemail option, or order packaging services at select facilities. Their internet portal is designed to create an advanced solution to inmate calls and save their customers money.


Visit the popular Securus Technologies feature portal and refer services to other users on their network. You don’t have to be limited in your inmate calling features or pay for services that you don’t need with Securus.


Jeremy Goldstein

It is obvious for any investor that making a corporation’s economic environment stable is not an easy task, especially to incorporate and address the many factors needed for the process. Attorney, Jeremy Goldstein has encountered many of these challenges during his practice in New York City, working with several large corporations such as Verizon, Duke Energy, Hass Company, Goldman Sachs, United Technologies, and Bank of America. Through this experience, Attorney Goldstein is able to offer advice on the usage of Earning per Share, EPS, and other various incentive-based programs. Additionally, he offers insights into the use of the EPS in performance-based programs.

EPS have been considered as positive things especially in regard to how they handle employee incentives. They have also perceived the biggest stock price influencer by shareholders, driving them to either buy or sell. More so, it provides incentives for companies to raise the amount paid out per employee. Also, in accordance with a recent study, the inclusion of EPS to the company’s overall pay structure has been found to increase its success. Nevertheless, the competitive nature of trading and shares, have been found to bring out the EPS as a disadvantage since Eps can sometimes be leveraged by entities.

Those not in support of EPS have stated that Eps usage in corporations is likely to bring favoritism to the executives and CEOs. This means that the CEOs have the power to manipulate the accuracy of the EPS metric results, making them not to provide collective control.

According to other opponents, EPS metrics are only limited to short-term profitability, making them inefficient to provide sustainable ways to enhance reinvestment and the corporate growth of a company. They also say that the performance-based pay programs are unreliable and very dynamic, making them unfavorable for the stock exchange.

While this is the case, attorney Goldstein, therefore, recommends that there be a compromise in the proposed actions of the supporters and opposers of EPS proponents. Since the pay per performance are quite positive in working with incentives in corporations, a way to make the CEOs and executives liable for their actions be sorted for. Also, he recommends that these programs be adjusted in such a way that they can be effective even with the long-term goals and promotes sustainable growth. Learn more: https://thereisnoconsensus.com/jeremy-goldstein-explains-knockout-options-help-employers/

More about Jeremy Goldstein.

Jeremy Goldstein is a New York-based attorney and the founder of Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates, LLC. In the law firm, Goldstein and his team give advice to CEOs, compensation committees, corporations, and management teams in matters of corporate governance and executive compensation. He studied in the school of law of New York University.

Madison Street Capital Wins Advisors Award

The winner of the 2017 Advisors Award for Debt Financing Deal of the Year was Madison Street Capital. They were able to beat some of the top firms in the world. In fact, there were 650 different companies hoping to win the title. Companies of all sizes and in several different industries were in the running this year. The winning deal was brokered by Madison Street Capital in regards to the WLR Automotive transaction. David Fergusson, the President, and Co-CEO says that the company is extremely honored to be able to accept such a prestigious award. They were also nominated for the Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year, and were able to become one of the finalists. Madison Street Capital has been helping companies and individuals reach their professional goals since 2002, and are one of the fastest growing and successful investment companies globally.


Madison Street Capital has built a successful company on the basis of integrity, quality, and customer service. Their excellence has proven to create wealth and prosperity for their clients all over the world. Some of the services that Madison Street Capital offer include valuation services, financial advisory services for both publicly and privately held businesses, merger and acquisition services, corporate advisory services, opinions regarding finances, and more.


To date, Madison Street Capital is one of the top middle market investment firms, and is continuing to grow and create a larger client base through their insightful services and knowledgeable advisors.Currently, Madisons Street Capital has offices located in Africa, Asia, and North America.


Madison Street Capital’s services entail successfully matching buyers and sellers by way of structure and expert analysis of the transaction to ensure both parties are getting the best deal possible. It is a top priority that both investors and the business owner will benefit to the fullest from each transaction.


Visit http://madisonstreetcapital.org/about-madison-street-capital.html to learn more.

Fuel with the Help of Obsidian Energy

If your home or office is in need of high-quality fuel, you can use a Canadian-based company known as Obsidian Energy. Formerly known as Penn West Petroleum, Obsidian Energy has been a leader in the fuel industry, since they work with a range of different professionals. This enables you to find a professional company that offers high-quality products at affordable prices. If you have never made use of Obsidian Energy before, you might not know why so many people prefer this particular company over many of the others that might be available to them.


Obsidian was even among the sixty most prominent firms in the Toronto stock Exchange and was also a Canadian Royalty Trust (CANROY). The company has several subsidiaries including Canetic Resources Trust, Endev Resources Partnership, and Sifton Energy Inc. Currently, the company has approximately 300 employees on staff.


One reason a lot of people are using Obsidian Energy is because it helps them to find affordable rates on the gas and oil that they need. Because Obsidian Energy produces their own fuel oil, you aren’t working with a middle man. This allows the company to keep costs to a minimum and it is why so many people are switching to this company over many of the others they might have used in the past. Along with having a cheaper product, it is higher quality than any other available in the Canadian marketplace. You will find and love the fuel oils provided by Obsidian Energy, and you can contact the company if you need more information on this company and the different products that they are offering. Go Here to learn more.


Once you make the decision to switch to Obsidian Energy, you’ll find that they are a wonderful choice for a wide range of different reasons. The main reason for switching to Obsidian Energy is because of the quality. You simply will not get this quality with anything else out there, and it can save you money in the process. This is why you might want to consider contacting Obsidian Energy and seeing about making the switch over to what they are able to do for you. This is great for all types of people and is something that you will find to be quite helpful no matter what type of product you’re looking to buy for yourself. Obsidian Energy has what you’re looking for and is something that you will not soon regret at all.


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How to Get Better Fuel with Obsidian Energy

If it comes down to getting the best fuel available for your home or business, it is all about choosing Obsidian Energy, formerly known as Penn West Petroleum Ltd. Obsidian Energy is a wonderful Canadian-based oil and gas producer that has been around for well over 10 years. This is why it is a good idea for you to consider this for yourself and see that it is something for your home or business. You can visit the Obsidian Energy site to learn more about this company or to order the fuel that you need. Once you utilize their site and learn more about the company, you’re going to find it to be a great choice for when you need and want to order fuel.


There are a few things that set Obsidian Energy apart from so many of the other companies out there. For one, you’re going to find that they are helping you to get better fuel at a higher quality. This means that you’re going to be able to get the most out of this option and not be burning through the fuel like you would with a different company. You are also going to find the fuel to be a whole lot cheaper than anything else that you might have used in the past. This is due to the fact that Obsidian Energy produces all of their own fuel, so you can feel confident knowing that you’re choosing an oil company that is not overpriced. See This Article for related information.


Obsidian was even among the sixty most prominent firms in the Toronto stock Exchange and was also a Canadian Royalty Trust (CANROY). With several subsidiaries including Canetic Resources Trust, Endev Resources Partnership, and Sifton Energy Inc. Currently, the company has approximately 300 employees on staff.


There are a lot of people who are making use of Obsidian Energy and are happy with what they are able to do for them. Obsidian Energy is sure to help as much as possible, and it is why there are so many different fueling options available to make your life easier. There are a lot of people who are choosing Obsidian Energy and are happy with the company. This is a company that you can trust and know that they are doing everything that they can to provide an amazing fuel that is going to last a long time and is going to fit easily into your budget.


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Jed McCaleb Envisions a More Efficient World

Jed McCaleb has spent his career building online platforms, such as eDonkey, the former file-sharing giant, that have reached the world, effectively changing the ways in which we do things. As he prepares to bring his new company, Stellar, to the masses, he recently sat down for a Q & A session in order to discuss his plans for the future, new forms of tech that have piqued his interest, as well as the day-to-day processes that he has incorporated into his life to continue his run of longstanding efficiency. For Mr. McCaleb, the idea to create Stellar stemmed from the world population’s growing interest in cryptocurrency, and in particular, the granddaddy of them all, Bitcoin. While it was never in his plans to create a new form of cryptocurrency, Mr. McCaleb was very interested in utilizing its underlying platform; connecting financial institutions. There are currently in excess of two billion people around the world that are unbanked, as traditional banking institutions have not been able to service them due to the high costs and fees that are associated with this process. By creating Stellar, Mr. McCaleb aims to connect financial institutions around the world in an effort to move money in an efficient manner, and at a low cost. Stellar has already begun taking off throughout the developing world, and a number of businesses and non-profit organizations are implementing it within their economic infrastructure.

On a typical day, Jed McCaleb seeks to maximize his time for efficiency; a process that has made him successful through a multitude of online endeavors. Breaking his day down into two parts which consist of “focus mode,” where he aims to build his product through coding, and “reactive mode,” where he concentrates on the business and networking aspects of his company, he is able to get the most out of his day, while staying in tune with the overall trajectory of the project. By focusing strictly on what is necessary to complete his goals for the day, never straying beyond the essential, he is constantly aware of the progress that he is making, and is, therefore, never off schedule.

AvaTrade Review: Beneficial Results Every Time For Stocks and Cryptocurrency

AvaTrade is a trading platform that has been established since 2006. They are governed by the CFD and Forex regulations and are a great system to use for stocks and other trading ventures. Since its inception, AvaTrade has focused on building a niche for itself in the web commerce industry. They have facilitated growth in multiple areas and have contributed significantly to the way that online trading takes place on a global level.

AvaTrade provides an incredible platform, valuable advise from experts and state of the art technology that is easy to use. These advantages make AvaTrade a premier option for new and advanced traders alike. They provide multiple options for accessing the system and are constantly branching out.

There are a lot of reasons to consider AvaTrade for trading needs that may be large and small. The capacity to develop portfolios and manage funds in a variety of ways is a must when investing. AvaTrade provides consistent updates and is transparent in the way that traders can interact with the platform. Not only are basic functions easy and resolved quickly with innovative software, but the platform offers news and resources that are helpful to traders.

AvaTrade is one of the most forward in its approach to trading cryptocurrencies. They are cited as one of the best systems for trading Bitcoins. Trading platforms provide resources that include expert advice as well as the opportunity with continuous returns. Bitcoin trading is a good experience on AvaTrade because of the insightful techniques that can be gained from expert advise.

There are several unique aspects to AvaTrade such as the way packages and platform features are defined. It is possible to obtain modules that are characteristic of the specific services that may be needed. The MT4 platform is also available with AvaTrade proprietary operations. Some of the advantages of this software were various methods of accessing the infrastructure. It was possible to work remotely and to use the internet based modules to complete necessary transactions. Nevertheless, others who may chose a simple level to complete trades on a computer software could get full access and control through AvaTrade’s other options.

Re-balancing The Oxford Club Way

There is a difference between re-balancing your portfolio and moving your investments from one asset class to another. That difference lies in doing it because you want a portfolio that is well-rounded and not one-sided. The Oxford’s Club financial arm puts this into perspective. If you look into their writings of all things financial, you will see intelligence on the subject and articulation of the facts in a down-to-earth manner. Not something you expect from a club called Oxford Club.

Re-balancing your portfolio will not only make you a wiser investor, but it should also put you in a higher tax bracket. Increasing your wealth by doing the Rockefeller shuffle is a great way to make money. The key here is to take your investments out of an asset class that has done well for you and put only the profits of that well-performing class into a class that has not done so well in the past. Keep the base investment where it is while moving the profit realized elsewhere.

It is a gamble, but if you do your homework to where it is a well thought out gamble, you can increase your profit in an area that most people would not venture into. This is where the balance comes in at. Think of a scale. You have 10 pounds on one side and one on the other. No one wants a financial portfolio that looks like that. Take upwards of 8 pounds out of the ten and redistribute them over to the 1 pound to help even the scales.

Learn more about the Oxford Club: http://analystoffinance.com/2017/12/oxford-club-solution-reverse-mortgage-scams-

Visit Siteline Cabinetry Soon to Find Sensational Custom Designs Every Homeowner Can Afford

Homeowners that have always yearned for custom cabinets that are not expensive have a new option today. Visit Siteline Cabinetry soon to find sensational custom cabinet designs that every homeowner can afford. These exciting home additions instantly adds a touch of class and beauty. Siteline Cabinetry is the preferred cabinet manufacturer for many real estate and home builder companies. As they offer amazing styles that all have an authentic look that can’t be easily copied, homeowners are highly impressed by the large and stunning style collection that only Siteline Cabinetry offers in custom cabinets. At refreshingly affordable costs, these cabinets are an obvious choice when considering a room upgrade.

Siteline Cabinetry has the best selection of favorable cabinet styles around. Consumers can look through 270 and more appealing cabinet styles that are able to fulfill any room upgrade need. Put into kitchens, these magnificent cabinets look awesome, and the practical storage applications are hard to find anywhere else. With a complete line of cabinet door picks and hardware, Siteline Cabinetry offers a nice array of superior choices. Consumers have their pick in deep rich color combination choices too. The finish details give homeowners a wide selection of various product features.

These absolutely sensational designs in cabinets can give every home a distinctive cabinet look that blends with the existing design theme decor. Adding Siteline Cabinetry can be an instant way to upgrade a kitchen or any other home space. These cabinets can also be designed to match whatever new room decor that a pending room remodel creates. With the exceptionally easy payment, Siteline Cabinetry is an affordable home project that gives customers additional benefits. Along with superb appearances, these cabinets also can offer substantial storage places with a wide variety of space variations. Every room space can have its own specialized custom storage features with Siteline Cabinetry products.

See what this finer cabinet company offers. Every cabinet crafted by Siteline is fashioned from top-quality materials by woodworking artisans. These skilled professionals always turn out impressive cabinets that their owners love. Siteline Cabinetry delivers fast service, skilled labor and marvelous cabinets.

Obsidian Energy Taking The Lead In Canadian Energy Production

Energy independence is a serious issue for any country. In Canada, one company is working hard to bring as much energy possible to the local market. That company, Obsidian Energy is taking the charge when it comes to producing energy at the best price.


Obsidian Energy is a mid-sized Canadian energy producer. Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Obsidian Energy specializes in oil and gas production with operations in multiple areas in the Alberta area. The three operational areas for Obsidian Energy include Alberta Viking, the Peace River oil sands, and the Pembina Cardium.


The Pembina Cardium operation is the biggest producer for Obsidian Energy. Located in the central region of Alberta, the Pembina Cardium uses a waterflood approach which helps control the reservoir pressure which results in better production numbers. Currently, the Pembina Cardium is producing 18,876 barrels of energy equivalent per day.


The Peace River oil sands operation is the northernmost operation for Obsidian Energy. Located in the northwest part of the Alberta region, the Peace River oil sands operation is a joint operation with the China Investment Corporation. This operation used a cold flow production method to produce a little over 4,800 barrels of energy equivalent per day.


Finally, there is the Alberta Viking operation. Located in the southeast region of Alberta, the Alberta Viking operation produces light-oil and gas to produce over 1,700 barrel of energy equivalents per day. The Alberta Viking operation is notable because Obsidian Energy owns the infrastructure in the Esther area.


Obsidian is led by an experienced management team focused on growth and cost management. President and Chief Executive Officer David L. French has decades of experience in the energy industry including his leadership role as CEO of Bankers Petroleum Limited. Other management team members include Chief Financial Officer Devid Hendry, Vice President of Development & Operations Tony Berthelet, Vice President of Production & Technical Services Andrew Sweerts and Vice President of Business Development & Commercial Mark Hodgson.


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